Boring Update: The New New Improved Look

Let me get the boring update out of the way first.

As you can see, I've been messing with the blog again, and it's a wee bit different.  I've got the page links up at the top of the page, freeing up the right sidebar for some goodies like the Top 5 most popular posts of all DAiNGER!dom (What To Do During Finals Week is peaking at No.1 for the moment, mostly because poor freshmen all over the world are Googling studying tips for finals week and they end up with my blog post instead).

I've created a Facebook page for this blog, seeing as most of my readership comes from it, and I'll be posting new blog posts and general updates/whatever I want from that page.  That's why I've put the 'Like' button right at the top, so you can click it and get all of the updates.  Or, just search 'DAiNGER' in the Facebook search bar and like it from there.

Below the Facebook 'Like' button is a 'Contact Me' button, which I decided to use as a replacement for the 'Contact Dain' page.  Click it and a pretty window will pop up and you'll be able to contact me from wherever in the world you are, about whatever in the world you want.  The pop-up won't direct you away from the page or make a new internet window, don't worry.

Below that is a row of teensy-weensy links to various sites that I'm on.  In case you don't know the sites by their icon, here's a run-through, from left to right: Pinterest, Facebook, 8tracks, Formspring, Stumbleupon, Blogger, and Google Plus.  If you can think any more, tell me.  Those were all of the sites I could think of that I'm a part of.  Click one of the teensy-weensy squares and you'll be taken to my profile on whatever site you clicked.

I moved the Google Friend Follower widget, for all those with a Blogger blog or a Gmail account, to the right...  Not a big change there.  I added a comment box to the Songbird page, too.

I've also added some bonuses to posts.  I bet you noticed the 'You might also like:' section beneath each post.  I don't know exactly how those posts are chosen, but apparently each one of the four posts below has some relation to the post above.  You can also see the related posts widget on the post page (the links I post to Facebook are always a direct link to the post), so don't think you have to go back to the main page to see it.

Also, if you're on a post page and you don't want to hit your browser 'back' button to get to the main page, if you scroll to the very bottom of the page, after the comments box, there's a tiny link that says 'Home' that you can click on.  Sorry if that somehow inconveniences you.  Or you can just bookmark my homepage, which would make your life 100x better in every way.

Last thing, I swear.  On the far, far right of every post page is a nifty little bar which gives you links to tweet, +1, submit to Stumbleupon, and share to Facebook the post.  You should do those things so that there can be real numbers there instead of '0' for everything.


And that, I believe, is all of the housekeeping.  Voice your questions/concerns in the comments below, although knowing you there won't be any comments.  I just hope that means everything is perfect on your end.

Hope you like the New New Improved Look as much as I do!


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