Little Baby Princess

I've had a lot of these moments since coming back to school:

You know you missed my GIFs.

But now that it comes to the point where I can put them in my blog, I've forgotten them all.

:\ Sorry.

I can tell you that I'm having an awesome time back at school, although it means classes and homework and things like that.  As much as I love my family, it's good to be out of the house.  

So, instead of telling you stories about my adventures, I'm going to talk to you about a movie I recently rewatched.

The Princess Diaries.

Boys, run now, because this is and always has been a movie for teen girls.  There is love and kissing and girl problems and cats and dresses.  All things for a rollicking good time at a chick movie night.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let us continue.

I love that movie.  If you're not my Facebook friend or managed to dodge my obnoxious Dr. Pepper high a few nights ago, then perhaps this is news to you.

Let me repeat that statement.  I.  Love.  This.  Movie.

I love Princess Diaries because I feel like Mia every day of my life.  Fifteen years old with all of the insecurities and awkwardness of that age.  In short, although I'm nearly twenty (now THAT'S weird to think about), I feel like a fifteen year old a lot of the time.

I have a lively face.  I make lots of strange facial expressions.  People often comment on the faces that I make.  I'm not particularly bothered by it, although I do feel like a fool at times.  Maybe if I acted normally, didn't say strange things or squeak when I laugh or have weird facial expressions, I wouldn't feel that way.  If I was normal, I wouldn't have half as much fun as I do.  

The number one thing I want right now is a princess makeover.  Ask anybody who's been forced to hang out with me during the past few days, and they will tell you that I want a princess makeover.

^ That is a princess makeover.  That's what I'm talking about.  I've been lucky to avoid the "bushman eyebrows" gene, as well as the frizzy hair, but I know that I could still use a good, old-fashioned princess makeover. What fifteen year old doesn't dream of going from Mia Thermopolis to Princess Amelia of Genovia?  We've all got things we wish we could have an expert change for us to make us a princess.

The good thing is that I'm no longer fifteen years old, and I know that I don't need a stylist to make me beautiful.  I'm a princess whenever I say I am.  Bite me.

One thing I wouldn't mind about princess training: dance lessons.

Also, posture and grace.  I need some serious work in those departments.

My walk is both of those at the same time.  And that scene with the Hermes scarf at the dinner table?  I desperately need that.

Most of all, little baby me inside of almost-twenty me wants this.

Something that little baby Mia Thermopolis, fifteen year old me feels is invisibility.  I really was invisible.  I hid in corners and wondered why nobody wanted to talk to me.  I cried at night because I thought that everyone hated me.  Good thing that almost-twenty me sees the part I played in my own demise.

I still feel invisible sometimes, but I know that it's my own doing.  I am fully in charge of how people perceive me.  Want to keep them away?  Put out the "go away" vibe, don't make eye contact, hide in a corner.  Keep moving when people start to approach.  It's pretty easy.  It's really easy for a fifteen year old who doesn't trust herself around other people.

Confidence is the most attractive attribute anyone can have.  Confidence straightens your back, makes you look taller, in charge.  Confidence doesn't let you hang back because you're afraid that you might say something weird or you look ugly today or you'll trip over your own feet while you walk.  Confidence doesn't care.  Confidence doesn't give a hoot.  Confidence tells you you're a princess, even if nobody believes it but you.  Confidence keeps you from over-thinking and ruining good things out of fear.

Basically, I guess what I would like to tell you girls is that you're all princesses.  Maybe you're like me, and you've still got a little baby Mia Thermopolis inside, with bushman eyebrows and a fear of public speaking so strong that it makes you ralph.  Maybe she's always nagging you, through every conversation and every movement.  Well, it's time to give her a princess makeover.  It's time to tie her to the chair with a Hermes scarf until she agrees to learn how to work with you.

Didn't mean to wax Motivational Coach on you.  Bottom line, go see Princess Diaries.  For the first half hour, have bonding moments with Mia Thermopolis like I did.  Say to the TV, "THAT IS TOTALLY MY LIFE."  Watch it to the end, through the part where she's laying in the rain in her car, feeling invisible.  Bond with her then, too.  Then put the movie away and go on with your life.  

Come talk to me.  I'll make weird expressions and squeak when I laugh, but I promise we'll both laugh often and maybe I'll even make popcorn for us.  We'll have a good time.

A rollicking good time.


  1. That eyebrow one at the bottom is super creepy.
    Have you read the books?

  2. I LOVE THE PRINCESS DIARIES, AAAAAAAH. And I love everything about this post. <3

    Also, can we talk about how hard I tried to make my boring-straight hair look like Anne Hathaway's pretty straight hair in this movie ALL THE TIME? I STILL CAN'T ACCOMPLISH IT. WAAAAAAAH.

  3. Laura: I haven't read the books. I've heard that they're really good, though.



  4. The books are amazing, the movies ruined the story!

  5. You weren't invisible. I know this because I often noticed you and wondered whether you were as interesting of a person as you seemed to be. Judging from this blog of yours, which I have become a fan of, pondering such was quite warranted. Had I not been in the process of recovering from my own corner, I would have eagerly approached you directly. I just felt you should know this as I can attest to the helpfulness of a simple acknowledgement. Kudos on the blog, 'tis honest and inspiring.


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