What To Do During Finals Week

What to do during the most stressful week in a university student's life... AKA finals.

1.  Jump on your bed in a new scarf.

2.  Drink Dr. Pepper.

3.  Put your feet up.  Drink some more Dr. Pepper.

4.  Text your mom.

5.  Chew on a toothpick.

6.  Jump on your bed some more.

7.  Paint your nails.

8.  Give yourself a tape nose-job.

9.  Drink some Dr. Pepper with your new nose.

10.  Check your phone.  Mom hasn't responded.

11.  Watch Youtube videos.

12.  See how many chins you can make.

13.  Fit as many toothpicks in your mouth as possible.

14.  Take off the tape on your nose.

15.  Tweet about how much your nose hurts now.

16.  Drown your pain in another Dr. Pepper.

Repeat ad nauseam until finals are over and it's Christmas.

1 comment:

  1. this is my favourite post you've ever done. true story.


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