About Dain

Well, I'm Dain. I'm your everyday college kid with a passion for people and writing. My friends try to tell me that I'm a hipster, but I will never care about politics or Pabst beer or ironic t-shirts as much as they do. Nor will I ever be that arrogant and self-righteous. (You have permission to kill me if I am.) I love dark chocolate: the more cacao, the better. I almost never eat it, though, because I try to save it for a time when I'll really want it. Needless to say, if I'm always telling myself "save it for later", later will never come. 
Most people think I'm quiet, but I really have a crazy world constantly running in here. I'm just waiting for the right time to share it. Sometimes it slips out, and the people around me realize that I'm loads more bonkers than they could have ever assumed. It's okay; I like surprising people. My musical taste is eclectic, at best. I have a deep love for music, in general, and can find enjoyment in basically any genre. I tend to lean towards folk and anything with banjos/mandolins, harmonicas, or bearded men. I guess that's the hipster side of me coming out. I do have a hard time stomaching screamo/hardcore rock.   
I'm a pacifist, I like to pretend I can speak French (parlez-vous fran├žais?), I'm an Anglophile and nature-appreciator. I don't cook very often, but when I do I enjoy it. Someday, I want to join the Peace Corps and help improve the global community in the small way that one person can. I'm an American who isn't ignorant of the rest of the world, and I'm going to keep it that way. Oh, and I'm delicious. Delicious Dain, that is.
from Hey, It's Me! (2 December 2010)

I'm 20 years old, currently a junior in college.  My favorite colour is violet, zodiac sign is Sagittarius, lucky number is 9.  I'm of English/German/Dutch/Scandinavian descent, and it shows.  I'm a natural blond, around 5'6" (~168cm to the rest of the world), extremely pale and slightly freckly.  I'm a night-lover who likes the sunshine, too.

I collect notebooks.  The coolest one I own was also one of the cheapest; my friend bought it at a farmer's market for $5.  It's an album from 1890's-1900's, and there are pressed flowers, drawings, and poems in it.  It's absolutely wonderful.  I also collect lip balm.  Not lip gloss or lipstick, but lip balm.  Chapstick.  I buy a new stick almost every time I visit my local convenience store.

How I look when I'm writing.  That's a Redvine in my mouth.  They are a necessity.
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